Bebo Best & The SUPER LOUNGE ORCHESTRA is one of the 5 best Nujazz/Lounge artists in Europe, maybe in the world!
(Maxim Illion / Club des Belugas - GERMANY)

...modern jazz, lounge, grooves and elegant music, it just sounds perfect for my fashion shows “
(Davide Bozzato Director, Choreographer and Director of Miss World, Italy) - link:

Bebo one of the Best Jazz and Lounge Producers to come out of Italy this Century !! “ (Peter Wanders - Manager of Smoove, John Turrell, Craig Charles and The Fantasy Funk Band - LONDON – U.K.)



Composer, musician, arranger and sound engineer. 



He participate on over 300 cds with personalities as David Torn and Gilberto Gil, and releasing beside artists as Jon Hassel, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, Nitin Sawhney, Trilok Gurtu, Sinead O' Connor, Mario Biondi, RuichI Sakamoto, Frank Zappa, Marisa Monte, Bebel Gilberto, Nicola Conte, Norah Jones, Fabrizio Bosso.

Has worked on many soundtracks for films and TV, and reached an important career on Theater and Dance, working for artists as WOODY ALLEN, JANE CAMPION, CAROLYN CARLSON.

He has already gained a place of honor for himself on the European music scene, with international recognition for the wise and original use of electronics, jazz and ethnic music that distinguished his works.




a.k.a. Bebo Baldan, theAlchemist


Producer, musician,  arranger

Very early he gained a main role in the world music scene as a promising composer, arranger and session man. His works have been released, from various European labels, in the same albums with personalities such as Jon Hassel, Steven Brown, Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, Wim Mertens, David Torn, Ruichy Sakamoto, Frank Zappa (see DISCOGRAPHY). He composed soundtracks for cinema, tv, theatre, ballet. He received international recognitions for his original use of electronic instrumentation melted with world, jazz, classical and pop music.

He begins as a young man studying contemporary classical music, joining the school of Research and Percussion Ensemble, with teachers of "Orchestra La Fenice" in Venice (first as a student, then as a teacher).
He dedicates to the study and performance of the music by composers such as E. Varese, J. Cage, S. Reich. T. Riley.
He continued his studies with great masters such as Kenny Clarke, Nana 'Vasconcelos, Trilock Gurtu, Dave Weckl.
He also began composing, experimenting with early forms of electronic music along with ongoing research on ethnic music.
The first published work is Pangea (1987 - now unobtainable). The first cd "Soniasikri" comes out in Belgium for the Sub Rosa label in 1991.
Since then, Bebo participates on over 300 album in Europe, USA, Japan, for SONY MUSIC, EMI, CINEDELIC, CHIN -CHIN, RAMBLING/JAPAN, as a composer, arranger, musician, sound engineer.

The main projects came out with the names of: Bebo Baldan, Tantra, Tantra Tribe, Magnetic 4, Bebo Best, the Super Lounge Orchestra (in chronological order).

He has shared the stage with: Subsonica, Tambours du bronx, Sabri Brothers, Punjabi Mc, Sufi Dervisci Rotanti, Carmen Consoli, F. De Gregori, P. Pelù, Tiromancino, Nick Cave, Transglobal Underground...

He participate to the project "Asian Garden", with: TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND, NITIN SAWHNEY, TRILOK GURTU, ASIAN DUB FOUND., SINEAD O' CONNOR , and highlight at the "1 Maggio" festival in Rome, with an audience of over 700.000 people.

AS a Session-man he’s a well-known bass player, percussionist and drummer. Also plays Sitar, keybs and guitar. He has played infinite genres (jazz, funk, blues, classical, contemporary classical, Brasilian, salsa, house, pop, Indian, Afro, Ethnic, chill-out, experimental, minimalism) in music festivals abroad in like England, U.S.A., Italy, France, Switzerland, Curacao, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, working with/for U.S.A. top musicians David Torn (david bowie, jan garbarek, don cherry, david sylvian), Mark Abrams, Duck Baker, Cheryl Porter, Stephen James, and Mad Professor, Visnadi, Max m'bass'ado', Pietro Russino, Victor Mc Surely (from Robert Fripp' League of crafty guitarists), Patricio Morales, Vincenzo Zitello, Makam, Tintin, Sheik Omar Sanogo, Nour Eddine, Ghassan Mawlawi, Hakkah, Alex Masi, Alex Monti, Aldo Tagliapietra (le orme), Roberto Bortoluzzi (marisa monte), Gigi Masin (bjiork), Estasia, Francesco Boldini, Renato Nota, David Soto Chero; blues men Andy J. Forest, Dick Herstall-Smith, Tolo Marton, James Thompson, David Srb, Fabio Treves; world Tantratribe, Paki Zennaro, Leo d' Angilla, Anita Sief, Arlo Bigazzi; pop Pitura Freska, Skardy, Nossa alma Canta, Sabrina Salerno, Angela Milanese, Ricky Gianco, Andrea Braido, Bruno Lauzi,Magnetic 4, with Italian top jazz players Marco Tamburini, Francesco Bearzatti, Edu Hebling, Maurizio Scomparin, David Boato, Danilo Gallo, Marco Castelli, Massimo Donà, Saverio Tasca, Marco Ponchiroli, brazilian singers Luma, Ligia Franca, Silvania dos Santos, Rosa Emilia, Gilberto Gil


Major Events 

compositions: Les Editions Confidentielles - vol.1 for the main movie companies of North Europe, • INTERZONE - featuring JON HASSEL, STEVE REICH, WIM MERTENS, MICHAEL NYMAN • SONORA 4, feat. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, FRANK ZAPPA • ASIAN GARDEN: feat. Transglobal Underground, Nitin Sawhney, Trilok Gurtu, Asian Dub Found., Sinead O' Connor •

Films: "First Light" - Maui, Hawaii U.S.A., "La notte dei foghi", premiered at Venice International Film Festival 2005, "Questione di pelle" 2005, "Il punto rosso" premiered at Venice International Film Festival 2006, Express Courrier (France 2011)

Broadcasting  TV: MTV U.S.A.: "Road Rules"

Theater:Le mille e una notte” w. Ascanio Celestini, Grand Tour, Dix Play w. Gioele Dix, and also: Ottavia Piccolo - Tiziano Scarpa - David Riondino

Works: for 

Guggenheim Foundation 



Gas Jeans 


Pitti Uomo


Mc Donald's

Biennale di Venezia 


Venice International Film Exposition                      

Wim Wenders' "Electronic Paintings" exhibition in Venice (played at)

JANE CAMPION  movie "The Holy Smoke"   (played at the presentation of the movie)

Woody Allen' Film music orchestra at Venice International Film Exposition (director of)

UNESCO festival – S.Giorgio, Venice 2002   (artistic music director of)

Carolyn Carlson (with Paki Zennaro, producing "Light from the abyss" for the legendary choreographer)

Buddha-Bar X (PARIS)   (his song "Life is on the sea" on Vol. 10)

national Tv campaign (music) for 

Caffe' Borghetti

Miss of the World

Mc' Donald's





(U.K.) Bebo Best wrote, arranged and produced music for Brenda Boykin 's new album (awarded at Montreux jazz festival), on Chinchin rec.- He played double bass, guitars and percussion for Brenda, the beautiful jazz voice from San Francisco - CA.

(ITALY) produced cd for Italian philosopher Massimo Donà, with Achille Bonito Oliva, Giulio Giorello (Bompiani)

(JAPAN)   KING OF SWING (BEBOBEST Latin Mix) will be used by Takarazuka Kagekidan, the most famous historical Japanease Theater Company ( ) for their new show from march 2012. 

(U.K.)  ChinChin records releases Brenda Boikyn new cd, written and produced by BEBO BEST, with the great  JAMES TAYLOR  (of the JAMES TAYLOR QET)

(U.K.) 2013 Craig Charles of B.B.C. UK  insert a song by Bebo Best and Brenda Boykin in the best 50 of 2012.


He is currently Working for

Chin-Chin records (UK-DE) 

Rambling rec. (Japan)

Cinedelic rec. (Italy)

    Complete discography is also alvaiable on iTunes) of the brands - worked for




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